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05/11/08 10:00

Best forwarder 2007


As a corporation with high demands in quality, co. Borealis evaluates their suppliers annually. Whoever meets these strict conditions, is awarded as a supplier.

A continually good performance brought our company Intra the nomination as forwarder of the year in 2007.

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Customs clearance

Despite the fact, that we frequently use the expression “global village” these days, you still can not simply send your merchandise to our “global neighbours” and that’s that.

The free movement of goods is valid within the EU only, everything beyond these borders is subject to customs regulations. In order to enable you to supply these markets quickly, we take care of these procedures.

Our customs office is glad to advise you regarding the declaration of your goods. All necessary work, like the handling of your trucks, Carnet TIR, T-documents, EU customs clearance and issuing export documents, can be taken care of by us.

Of course, we will also handle your INTRASTAT declarations.


Utilising the e-customs, we have the possibility to clear your shipments at any given time. Customs clearance is possible right around the clock, from 00:00 to 24:00, with this simplified procedure, thus releasing your merchandise for your disposal even quicker.