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05/11/08 10:00

Best forwarder 2007


As a corporation with high demands in quality, co. Borealis evaluates their suppliers annually. Whoever meets these strict conditions, is awarded as a supplier.

A continually good performance brought our company Intra the nomination as forwarder of the year in 2007.

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In England one is very experienced concerning the trading of goods from all over the world, a remnant dating back to the colonial days. Since back then, forwarders have insured safe transportation. Nowadays we try hard for you, in order to insure a timely and efficient delivery of your shipments at their destination. Even if one does drive on the “wrong” side of the road on the isle.

However, with our partner EUROPEAN SPEDITION LTD nothing goes wrong. Together with them and their various branches, we’re always exactly where you need us.


It is people who, with their combined effort, provide first class performances.

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