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05/11/08 10:00

Best forwarder 2007


As a corporation with high demands in quality, co. Borealis evaluates their suppliers annually. Whoever meets these strict conditions, is awarded as a supplier.

A continually good performance brought our company Intra the nomination as forwarder of the year in 2007.

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Transports by air, sea or railway.

The manner in which a shipment is moved from point A to point B, is a question of the available time, the distance, the means and possibility of transport as well as the costs. Just ask us, we will compile an efficient solution for you


The by far fastest transportation type for long distances is airfreight. As it is also a rather expensive mode of transport, a good consultation with a specialist is always worth while. Fast and reliable, we take care of your airfreight cargo, from the moment you place your order up to the final delivery.

Sea-freight / Containers

Goods from Austria to the whole world and from the whole world to Austria, reach their final destination seaborne. Surprising, since Austria has no coastal borders, rendering a comprehensive and competent handling of your container-shipments all the more important. You can rely upon us, regarding the whole handling; from loading and unloading, over packaging, intermediate storage, documentation and customs clearance all the way to delivery to your door.


For some destinations and routes the railway offers an ecologically sound means of transport. Regarding the pick up and deliveries however, we require other modes of transport nonetheless. As a forwarder, we will try find the most suitable combinations and alternatives.

It is people who, with their combined effort, provide first class performances.